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I finished my essay like 4 hours before the deadline, but I needed to be sure the grammar and spelling was right. Proofreading you did for me made it spotless!

Elliot J.Fargo, ND

My coursework was really important for the final grade, so I didn't want to lose points because of a typo or something. The proofreader found all the mistakes and I ended up with a great coursework.

Heidi V.Columbia, MO

I'm not so good at writing, and sometimes my writing lacks clarity and structure. My editor fixed all of it, now that's the paper I can be proud of!

Amina L.Lafayette, IN

I’m an international student and I often mix up expressions and all those phrasal verbs. I decided to try proofreading service here, and it was what I needed! I got full points for my Psychology essay, thank you so much!!

Brad D.Corvallis, OR

Wow, I never thought my own writing could look that good! I mean, I know how to write papers, but the paper sounds so much better after someone experienced looked at it. You guys know what you are doing!

Joe C.Ithaca, NY

Spelling is my weak spot, and spelling chek tools I used before didn’t catch all of my mistakes. I tried the proofreading service here at proofpaperediting, and it’s just what I want! Everything was corrected really fast.

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